About Us

Shuuk, Fashion Beyond Borders

Who we are

Shuuk was founded in 2020 in Punta del Este, Uruguay through the dream of our founder partners, Gina, Silvina, Michel, Alberto & Erik, of connecting the world through fashion in a more affordable way. Shuuk was born as an online, tax-free, cross border fashion market, where shoppers can access a unique shopping experience, getting greater value for their money!

What drives us

We are driven by purpose and we believe in diversity, in uniqueness, in fairness and in having a long-lasting impact. Our mission is set on empowering diversity and democratizing fashion by providing our friends & customers all over the world, with access to a growing array of brands and products and a daily commitment to delivering an outstanding service in a cost-effective way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to a world of infinite experiences through fashion, where anyone can get access to tax free products from all over the world right to their doorstep. We wish to become a bridge, a voice for local and global brands, and introduce them to customers in different corners of the world.

We believe fashion should have no borders. No matter where you come from or where you were born, you should be able to dress the way you want. We want to achieve a world where our shoppers have the freedom to decide who they want to be, free from judgement, prejudice, or predefined social standards. We want you to be yourself, or to have the freedom to discover who you want to be. We’d love to accompany you along your journey!

What we believe in

Our values lie in being honest, true and loyal. We want to make your experience with us as simple and convenient as possible! We believe in the power of innovation and saying yes. Yes to change!, yes to adventures!, yes to friendship! Above all, we believe in people, and that’s who we are: We are people, and we are here for you. We are Shuuk! We're fashion beyond borders!

What makes us unique and disruptive.

Shuuk.com is the one and only Tax Free, Cross Border, Multi Brand, Multi Currency, and Multi Language Fashion E Commerce, in association with Fedex, offering 5 business days with free Shipping for orders over $50.

We deliver the world of fashion to your doorstep in less than a week!

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